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Zimbabweans in the United Kingdom are set to celebrate Zimbabwe’s independence across the country with places such as Leeds, Nottingham, and Bristol eagerly preparing for their own local gatherings.

Masses are set to gather across the country where many have already confirmed their attendance to the event which is to be held on the 17th April instead of the 18th, the official day of Zimbabwe’s national independence.

In Nottingham, the Nottingham Zimbabwe Community organisation is set to hold their gathering at the Old Basford Community Centre, Bramble Close, in Nottingham’s NG6 area. The theme for this meeting is “In Memory Of Those Who Shed Their Blood And Those In Search Of Democracy.”

Veteran democracy activist and ‘Zimbabwe Debate’ coordinator, Albert Weidemann is also set to speak on this day.

In Leeds, the Leeds Zimbabwe Community organisation, ZimCommLeeds is set to host their event with music, style and dance where the dance group, Hohodza is to stage a historic performance during a ’food-fested’ function to be held at White Horse, 306 York Road, LS9 9DN.

Speaking to reporters, the coordinator, Khetani Mulibane Ndou said that communities chose Saturday the 17th of rather than the 18th because of the general convenience of a Saturday.

On the 18th April 1980, Zimbabwe gained its independence from Great Britain concluding an end of rule of Prime Minister Ian Smith’s Rhodesia government. To this day, the country has remained in the hands of an authoritarian leadership under Robert Mugabe who is still its president.


A man charged with the murder of a woman in Leicester has been remanded in custody.

The body of Julia Mubvumba, 44, was found at an address in Gotham Street, Highfields, on Friday.

Archibold Gurure, 34, of Humberstone Road, Leicester, was remanded by magistrates in the city to appear at Leicester Crown Court on 5 July.

Ms Mubvumba was originally from Zimbabwe but lived in Leicester, police said.


A 35-year-old Zimbabwean man Allan Dambuka who committed burglaries at a number of B&Bs, by gaining access to rooms with filed down keys, was jailed for 12 months this week and could face deportation following his release.

Allan Dambuka with an address at 203A Collins Avenue, Whitehall, Dublin 9, appeared before Galway District Court on Monday where he pleaded guilty to the offences brought against him.

Garda Patrick O’Shea gave evidence that on January 4, 2010, there had been a report of a burglary at Griffin Lodge, Fr Griffin Place. When he arrived at the scene a French couple, who had been staying at the B&B, told him that when they had returned to their room after breakfast they had found the defendant rifling through their belongings.

Dambuka, who had also been a guest at the B&B, had been seen taking money from a wallet but immediately put it back when the couple entered the room. Garda O’Shea said that the defendant had only been in Galway for the night and had returned to Dublin.

Dambuka then returned to Galway on March 12 last and booked into Anbelle Lodge in Lower Salthill. From his investigations, Garda O’Shea was able to track the defendant down and when he entered the room Dambuka was seen discarding a “quantity of keys”.

Garda O’Shea explained that a lot of older B&Bs use Basta door keys and that there is only a small number of these types which means that “one key can open many doors”. He said that the defendant had filed down one key “in an effort to gain access” to doors in the B&B. Garda O’Shea later told Judge Mary Fahy that B&Bs that have been in existence for a number of years, and which would use these types of locks and keys, were targeted.

“To say that he was caught red-handed would be appropriate,” said Judge Fahy.

Defence solicitor Adrian MacLynn said that his client was orginally from Zimbabwe and that his application for aslyum was currently in process. He said that Dambuka, who is married with one child, had left his country because of political turmoil and has been in Ireland since 2008.

Inspector Sean Glynn then informed the court that Dambuka has no previous convictions in this jurisdiction. Garda O’Shea also explained that Dambuka had been refused asylum in this country in August 2008, and that this was affirmed in August 2009. He also said that according to the immigration system Dambuka did come to the attention of the UK authorities when he was residing there.

“You’re here seeking the mercy of this country and this is the thanks you give by stealing from the inhabitants,” Judge Fahy told the defendant who then attempted to go down on his knees to beg for leniency.

“Just get up, I don’t want any of that nonsense,” said Judge Fahy, before imposing a total of 12 months in jail. Judge Fahy then told Garda O’Shea that it was incumbent on him to ensure that Dambuka was deported.

“He’s of no use to this country,” she said, before commending Garda O’Shea for his work in preventing the defendant from targeting more B&Bs.


A failed asylum seeker who lived in a car outside his wife’s hostel has been handed a suspended prison sentence after using a false passport in a bid to gain work.


Gabrial Ziki was chairman of the National Aircraft Engineers’ Association in his homeland of Zimbabwe.

But he fled to the UK in 2003 after his life was threatened when he grounded the national airline by taking his men out on strike.

Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court heard yesterday that the 40-year-old’s application for asylum was refused.

He then lived in this country without claiming benefits, mainly through the goodwill of friends. 

But Ziki became desperate and, on November 2, applied for work at an agency in Shelton. His documents were checked and he was arrested on November 10.

The defendant, of no fixed address, made no comment in his police interview.

But he pleaded guilty to having a false Zimbabwean passport, which he knew or believed to be false, with the intention of establishing facts about himself.

Jason Holt, defending, said Ziki lived in a vehicle outside a women’s hostel in Shelton where his wife lives.

He added: “She received £35 per week and they buy food from that. Desperate times call for desperate measures. He has been put in a situation and had very little choice but to do what he has done.”

Mr Holt asked Judge Paul Glenn to consider passing a suspended sentence with unpaid work.

The judge agreed and sentenced Ziki to six months in prison, suspended for 18 months, with 180 hours’ unpaid work.


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