“We as principals are the ones with the final say. “Ivo vatatu vamuri kuona ava tisu takanyora Global Political Agreement”. These were the statements from an octogenarian perceived by many as a dictator. His current tenure of office has only been made possible through negotiations.

Robert Mugabe keeps forgetting that he is in office by the mercy and understanding of his other players in the GPA. His tenure is not democratically authentic and has remained questionable. He claimed victory in a one man race and wanted to impose himself as the supreme national leader to the detriment of the Zimbabwean majority. To reach that platform, he engaged the CIO and military to exercise heavy handedness that included violence and torture. Given his geriatric age, it is highly unlikely that he remembers the 2008 violence. He is only thankful that he can still travel abroad and address such important meetings like the UN or SADC. At such a compromised stance, his next

Presidency is in doubt because his policies have increasingly become unpopular and therefore he has become unelectable.

His stance demonstrates an absence of care and concern for the masses. Caught in the middle of diplomacy for the sake of peace and political progress, SADC was left with no option but to force Mugabe into teaming up with his political rivals. When SADC intervened and stripped him of his Maoist powers, Mugabe practically became a ceremonial President. Morgan Tsvangirai entry as the first Prime Minister gave Mugabe endless nightmares.

With the coalition, runaway inflation was immediately arrested. Instead of appreciating the peace and economic resurgence as brought by the GPA, the ailing President decided to expose the dictator on his mind. For another five years, no one in Zimbabwe is willing to endure any meaningful appointments by Mugabe that are characterized by the monotonous reshuffling and recycling of corrupt and tired politicians.

Zimbabweans should know the truth. Despite his bookish degrees of the 1960s obtained through correspondence, Mugabe has no single clue of how to manage a 21st century economy in a fast changing world. I am not even too sure if the President and his sheepish bunch care about technology, development studies or any contemporary topics that prepare Zimbabwe to face global challenges.

The president finally had one last opportunity ahead of crucial elections to show his true colours of dictatorship. His utterances at the recent all-stakeholders conference demonstrated that he is the same old Mugabe that conscious Zimbabweans should be wary about. His statements were meant to urge people to remain unquestioningly loyal and compliant with his party policies.

At 88, it is sad how some people still believe Mugabe can work some magic to bring change to Zimbabwe. Even the loyalists within ZANU PF are also beginning to see the light. Mudenge helplessly died in office. At that time nothing tangible in terms of policy was found on his desk to preserve as legacy for the Zimbabwean tertiary education system. Given the length of time Mudenge served in the Higher Education Ministry, many would wonder if he was that great to be irreplaceable or there was something to hide using his name.

Many will agree with me that Mugabe participated in the liberation struggle through a profit motive. He sought to enrich himself while also destroying both his enemies and the economy so that by the time he left Zimbabwe, it would be as good as useless. Today he is one of the richest men in the world. His wealth will be enjoyed up to the fifth generation from his Presidency. In the liberation struggle he should have masterminded great plans to eliminate opposition members while drafting plans for heavy looting of national assets.

In the 90s Mugabe allowed the operation of the first generation of black-owned commercial banks like Unibank under the guise of indigenization and economic empowerment. Back then fake bank notes started circulating amid widespread speculation that an indigenous banker had in fact bought a commercial money printing machine. Investigations into the allegations were swept under the carpet with Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe later revoking Unibank’s license.

It is under Robert Mugabe administration that the Willowgate scandal happened and worked to demonstrate the roots of corruption in Zimbabwe. Favored friends walked away with wrist pats as the unfortunate went down. Zimbabweans were left disappointed and speechless. The late Solomon Skuza even sang “Leaking” in which he demanded answers for such gross abuse of power. At the time, the Zimbabwean dollar traded blow for blow against hard currencies as her agriculture-driven economy was blossoming. Despite clear evidence of corruption, Mugabe failed to fire his liberation war cronies and that problem still eats into national wealth today. His inability to stand head above shoulders in dealing with his wayward Ministers sealed the nation’s fate of misfortune. To this day, Mugabe has not shown any remorse for the damage he caused to Zimbabwe.

Instead, in 2003, the president authorised the printing of worthless money under what he considered short-term fiscal solutions. That sank the economy as prices dropped by the hour. Months ago, the nation was shocked to hear that the President owed over $300,000 in unpaid electricity bills. His cronies too owed similar amounts. Today the same President wants another five year term of office! How foolish can the electorate get? Besides condoning corruption and empowerment of the already empowered, why should Mugabe return to office? The childish message that any opposition win in 2013 means another colonization of Zimbabwe is a washout. That means people should be ready to cheer for ZANU PF destroying Zimbabwe assets simply because any other opposition will sell Zimbabwe to Britain?

Mugabe has been a dictator. Once a dictator, always a dictator! The only thing Mugabe can still offer Zimbabweans is more violence, more division and foolish patriotic pride where bad governance should never be questioned. On these realistic premises, the tired president is not fit to lead Zimbabwe anymore. The violence, incarceration of disgruntled voices, the corruption, plunder of national assets, abuse of uniformed forces and intimidation of voters tell a story that corroborates the fact that Mugabe does not deserve yet another term in office. He has become a burden and a liability to the nation. The land distribution and empowerment cards have gone astray and the economy is now bleeding. Mineral profits are going into army and private pockets of ZANU PF politiburo members as the country continues to suffer. Zimbabweans should not waste their time voting for such a selfish man. Now he spends more time napping at summits and important conferences. His recycled speeches have become monotonous old songs. Where does that take Zimbabwe? Mugabe indeed is tired and no longer electable. He must go!

  1. Philosopher on Tue, 30th Oct 2012 8:36 am 

Spot on Fatso.anyone who is going to vote for this old goon and his murderers bunch of i.d.i.o..t.s is a mental case

  1. papa wemba on Tue, 30th Oct 2012 8:45 am 

I said it,Fatso is has really graduated into a fine journalist.The problem with zim is that the zim child was killed before it was born and the Lancaster house agreement as the maternity ward for the zim child was not favourable to the majority but to Zato.Freedom was given by the right hand and taken by the left hand by ZAto so now its the last mile zimbos,COME 2013.

  1. JEREMY BROWN on Tue, 30th Oct 2012 8:51 am 


  1. Greyhora on Tue, 30th Oct 2012 9:29 am 

Brilliant and totally spot on! Apart from indigenization and colonization, there is nothing Mugabe and his Zanu PF ever talk about. Notice how they never talk to Zimbabweans about our natural resources like gold platinum and diamonds, which they are very busy looting in preparation for their inevitable exit from power and possible exile. They talk to the Chinese and Indians, who are masters at smuggling especially huge quantities of precious stones out of the country and re-branding them overseas, while the nation gets absolutely nothing. He has then the nerve to say that the final decision on the constitution rests with the three principals. This is clearly a “president” deluded, power-drunk and suffering early stages of senility. He is totally unelectable!!

  1. Bhodlumlilo gt on Tue, 30th Oct 2012 10:24 am 

As Zimbabweans we have a saying “chokwadi chinorwadza” my knowledge of english is crude, but in english it would sound like the truth is always painful. The truth is painful both to the perpetretors as well as the victims. The reason why Zimbabweans moved to other countries and behave like nomads was to run away from the truth. The truth that Mugabe had turned into a monster he had turned against the masses, political leaders, businessmen etc. The truth became quite evident when people could not afford a single meal and zim currency turned into toy money mari yemahumbwe. Everything became heywire. The blame game spearheaded by jonathan moyo an expert in falsehoods started in eanrst, MDC, western sponsored sanctions, chinhoyi diesel etc MDC became easy target as defensive mechanism against daylight rigging of 2008 elections. This defensive mechanism against failure makes zanu to even find alternative leadership or a reasonable justification why they think zimbabweans would opt for zanu. The only reason they think zimbabweans would for zanu is Morgan Tsvangirayi’s failed marriage to a Locadia or a sick allegation that MDC will return country to Britain. So this level of thinking will never appeal to Zimbabweans. Zanu has a child’s play hangover left by jonathan moyo and gono. CHOKWADI CHINORWADZA!!

  1. Chimukundo on Tue, 30th Oct 2012 11:23 am 

Spot on!!!

  1. Save Conservancies from Zanu PF on Tue, 30th Oct 2012 11:58 am 

What else can one say? i have printed a copy to translate and distribute it to the majority of rural folks. i printed the whole page including the comments so that my rural folks can think like everyone else normal. The abnormal can be seen through their few comments of a different view. Wagoma Mamina kutaura zvazviri.

  1. Stop-a-Thief on Tue, 30th Oct 2012 12:29 pm 

Farai, please do one of these on a regular basis, this is the untold history which needs to be out in the open.

Well done for producing such a brilliant article.

  1. Kasukuwere on Tue, 30th Oct 2012 12:55 pm 

Iwe Farai unoda kuparadza vaMugabe manje ticha dealer newe.How dare you expose and humiliate our president like that? The CIO guys are on the lookout for u and you will be tortured beyond repair. The boys are out there and varikukutsvaga ende u*******.

  1. Mai Miki on Tue, 30th Oct 2012 2:16 pm 

Mamina Farai thank you for dissecting Zimbabwe which in essence was hiding behind a finger. Behind this finger is a leadership with a whole host of theories about a western world which is after Zimbabwe’s wealth and farms. Therefore the whole world except china and friendly africans can not monitor or report on zimbabwe. The head of government Morgan Tsangirayi who won the 2008 elections, is not allowed to appear on ZBC/TV or state papers unless if it is a false report that would tarnish the image of Morgan or MDC. MDC and its officials shall only be reported upon by approved state reporters.

The majority of Zimbabweans are subjected to excessive brutality and abuse by state agents with no recourse to courts. The justice minister does not believe that the majority of zimbabweans have a right to vote and determine their destiny. The past 32 years regime has ignored the wishes of the majority and they only listened to their greediness. Zanu Pf members are now among the richest in the world while most children can not afford a pair of canvas shoes. Such is a confident regime that is seeking re-election!! Over my dead body or my fellow zimbabweans yes

  1. Jumpdaki on Tue, 30th Oct 2012 2:26 pm 

You see! You see! As long as you think and believe, conviniently believe for that matter that wrongs against the Zimbabwean populace began in 2008 you them make Jumpdaki see no reason why he should be associated with Zimbagwe beacause he saw such wrongs in higger magnitudes being comitted as early as the disarmourment of Gwayi river mine assembly point in the early 80s.

Mimina your selective memory will not make ours selective. You are a Gukuraundist trying to bury his head in the sand. You cite a 2008 child play. This proves you are die hard satanist and hutu from hutuland. You reason like *****s who would report that “We lost one member of the security forces meaning only one whyte soldier and ignoring scores of ***** soldiers who would have died. We can see through your hypocricy and therefore your article is as senseless as you are. Mamina is mucous in Kalanga. Who says whats in a name?

  1. Spinningwheel on Tue, 30th Oct 2012 3:11 pm 

There will be no progress until the stubborn and rebellious Mugabe is relieved of power. He is incapable of reasoning that he will never achieve anything tangible in what is left of his life but however stubbornly persists in his folly. He rebels against his own people whom he perports to be serving.

  1. Guvnor on Tue, 30th Oct 2012 3:14 pm 

There is no shame in the muppet admitting complete failure and retiring of his own volition. Its simply a matter of being patriotic for once and putting the country and the people first.

  1. Hutlessnomad on Tue, 30th Oct 2012 3:40 pm 

The desire to rule when one has no capacity to meaningfully rule with the approval of the citizens, and without the ability to develop the nation is a worthless whim of an addled brain.