The Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association, led by the notorious Jabulani Sibanda, have done ZANU PF’s bidding and rejected the draft Constitution.

Sibanda said his association would, ‘resist any attempts to foist foreign ideas on the people.’

But he didn’t just single out the MDC-T for criticism over the draft, he included everyone; Munyaradzi Mangwana (Zanu-PF), Douglas Mwonzora (MDC-T) and Edward Mkhosi (MDC-N). He blamed them all for ‘departing from what the people had said.’ He also went along with ZANU PF’s rhetoric of trying to make it a racial issue, saying ‘dual citizenship was an attempt by former colonisers to become local citizens so that they could re-claim farmland taken for resettlement.’

The fact that dual citizenship is not guaranteed in the constitution seems to be a point that he missed. This was one of the ‘parked’ issues that the constitution leaves up to parliament to decide.
He denied that ZANU PF had extensively amended the draft saying it had been ‘audited’.

Sibanda is well known for being one of ZANU PF’s violent henchmen. He was recently in Zaka where he threatened villagers with death if they continued supporting the MDC.

Recently there has been in-fighting in his war vets association, and one of the factions passed a vote of no confidence in Sibanda.