President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF is allegedly mounting a smear plot to ‘damage’ Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s presidential chances ahead of elections, the Daily News has gathered.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is accused of complicity in the plot, which involves the mass production of a video dubbed “Passion for Zimbabwe”.

In the same vein, Zanu PF is allegedly coaxing Locadia Karimatsenga to mount damages claims for emotional distress after Tsvangirai refused to marry her and opted for Elizabeth Macheka.

The Harare businesswoman begged Tsvangirai not to end their relationship last November.

She later suffered a miscarriage.

Sources said the damages plot, engineered by a top Zanu PF women’s league official, contains text messages and other damning details of the PM’s short liaison with Karimatsenga.

Simultaneously, the campaign video will centre on Mugabe as a man with passionate support for his country, and Tsvangirai as a fake and crooked sell-out.

Intelligence sources call it a “media hatchet job”.

The plot to discredit Mugabe’s long-time rival which involves a video that will made available to State TV and distributed for free on VCD comes as Mugabe is expected to launch his party’s election campaign.

While Mugabe’s Zanu PF prepares its campaign, the MDC is also expected to unveil its new policy documents the “New Zimbabwe blue print” and a jobs and investment plan to counter Zanu PF’s empowerment drive.

Mugabe, who accuses the British and US governments of sponsoring the MDC, hammers this point in the video, which shows his Zanu PF party “burying” the MDC.

The video juxtaposes Tsvangirai and Mugabe, and portrays the PM as a clown. It contains footage of Tsvangirai receiving a cheque from white farmers in Macheke, concocted voice-overs by Tsvangirai backing gay rights. There is perfect matching of Tsvangirai’s voice in the video.

Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s sole ruler since the southern African country’s independence from Britain in 1980, is portrayed in the video as a victim of Western foes hell-bent on sabotaging the economy and wanting to oust him over the empowerment of his people through his land seizures and expropriation of foreign firms.

The video is lacerated with convincing footage, and looks authentic. It portrays Mugabe as a hero, and contains his UN speeches and other ground-breaking speeches where he got standing ovations.

Luke Tamborinyoka, Tsvangirai’s spokesperson said the PM was aware of the “CIO plot.”

“The PM is aware of the plot,” Tamborinyoka told our correspondent.

“The good thing is where four people gather to conspire, three of them will tell the Prime Minister. We are aware of the sting operation and the other thing is that the good people of Zimbabwe are not stupid.”

Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo professed ignorance of the plot.

“I don’t know anything about it,” Gumbo said.

A former MDC official who crossed floors to Zanu PF and a Politburo member (names withheld on legal advice) have been named as “instrumental” in the  production of the video.

The two are reportedly orchestrating the smear campaign against Tsvangirai.

The video will reportedly anchor Zanu PF’s campaign, and will be deliberately circulated to damage Mugabe’s main rival.

Sources said Zanu PF’s election strategy was to play-up Tsvangirai’s morality and alleged bed-hopping.

The blitz will also centre on little Ethan, Tsvangirai’s love child in Bulawayo, who he said a fortnight ago he has been providing for and paying alimony for despite claims to the contrary.