The MDC T had a planned rally at Chimukoko in Ward 3 in Mudzi on 26 May 2012. According to one of the organisers who narrated the events, the rally was sanctioned by the police. On the day of the rally the organisers began to ferry party members to the venue in a truck at about 0900hrs. The first load consisted of women and children. On the way to the venue, at Nyamhondoro Primary School. the MDC members found the road barricaded and blocked with logs by ZanuPF supporters who wanted to attack them. The MDC supporters were let through when it was realised that there were women and children. The organisers of the rally informed the police of this incident. The second load of passengers again found the same barricades and removed them and proceeded to the venue.

On arrival at the venue the MDC supporters began singing and setting up for the rally. The MDC supporters noticed a second group gathering nearby. They identified this new group as ZanuPF supporters who were chanting anti MDC T President Tsvangirai slogans and singing. The group started at about 20 to 30 individuals but gradually swelled to about 300 as opposed to the about 70 MDC supporters. Police officers from the Police Internal Security and Intelligence section were in attendance. The MDC organisers approached the officers about the ZanuPF behaviour who called one of the ZanuPF leaders, David Chimukoko. When the police told him that he was disturbing a legal gathering sanctioned by them he replied that the police should also have told him about the planned gathering and vowed to continue with his own gathering. Apparently powerless, the police withdrew.

Soon after the ZanuPF crowd brought out drums and the din from their gathering increased as their numbers swelled more. The MDC leaders decided that they could not proceed with their rally and to evacuate the women, children and elderly from the site for fear that the situation would deteriorate. They proceeded to do this. As they left with women and children and some of the elderly the remaining group was attacked by the ZanuPF supporters. Most of the able MDC supporter fled but some, especially the older ones could not run and were beaten severely by the ZanuPF supporters.

The MDC leaders then went to the police station at Mudzi where they approached Constable Kachidza who was openly hostile and uncooperative when they pleaded with him to dispatch uniformed and possibly armed police officers to protect the victims. For an hour they tried to get him to help but the constable refused even when offered transport to ferry the officers to the scene.

The MDC leaders returned to the venue. On the way they met the rest of their members who had been injured at the venue and were informed that 5 people were still unaccounted for and that there were fears for the condition of Cephas Magura the Ward 1 MDC chairperson who may have been severely injured. Eventually the 4 were recovered but it was learnt that Mr. Magura  (67) had died in the attack.

The MDC leaders went back to the police station and as they approached the station they saw Newton Kachepa, the ZanuPF MP for the area leaving the post.

They reported the death and offered transport to the scene for the police and suddenly police transport was available where it was not before and police were willing to take up the transport offer.

Survivors examined and treated in Harare narrated how MP Kachepa had been seen a few metres from the scene of the attack apparently giving instructions and coordinating the ZanuPF activities. He was later seen transporting the youthful attackers from the scene. The attackers were identified by the victims as youth from Vhombozi and Banganya areas and not local.

Other named perpetrators include Arthur Mutodi, Sizler Kwenda, Amos Rwafa and one Tawanda. The above named perpetrators drove Kachepa’s vehicle on Saturday to Mudzi when they heard that the MDC meeting was going to be held.¬† Amos Rwafa is based at 1 Commando Cranborne and is from the same village as Newton Kachepa.

7 victims were treated in Harare. 3 were admitted in hospital under specialist care and 4 are convalescing under observations at the treatment centre. One victim died at the scene.

Post Mortem results reflect multiple blows with blunt object to body and head, with intra-cranial haemorrhage.