ZAPU Vice President, Emelia Mukarakatirwa, recently castigated President Robert Mugabe and his ZANU PF party for their selfish rule.

She lambasted women politicians from ZANU PF for “dancing kongonya” and kneeling “in front of other men” while failing to respect their own husbands at home in the name of trying to gain political favours.

Addressing the party’s supporters at a rally here at the weekend, the ZAPU leader said ZANU PF rule had created so much ethical division and political polarization that political intolerance had become commonplace.

“We need to stop the hate language that has created a lot of divisions. People must not apologise for the language they speak and the political choices they make. Some capable people in Zimbabwe have been denied the opportunities they deserve just because they speak a certain language,” said Mukarakatirwa.

She called on Zimbabweans to unite and share one common vision for their country, which she said had suffered from 31 years of Mugabe’s misrule, in which the octogenarian and members of his party have become too self-centred to care about the rest of the population.

“Leaders have forgotten that there are leaders because of the people who voted them into those positions and now behave as if they own the same people,” said the ZAPU official.

She castigated women for their failure to empower their own, saying most women would rather betray their gender by voting men into top positions.

“Some women also choose to stay away from political and governance issues because they believe that they are the preserve of men and they believe that women are not good enough to hold high level posts, but that is very wrong.”