A senior Zimbabwean police officer has been fired after he was allegedly found in possession of music produced by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

Four journalists who tried to cover his eviction from a police camp where he was staying were also briefly detained on Friday but they were released without charge.

Inspector Tedius Chisango was accused of trying to incite police recruits to revolt against President Robert Mugabe.

He was allegedly caught by his superiors in May while playing the MDC song on his mobile phone in front of police recruits.

A further search at his lodgings allegedly uncovered more MDC songs.

One of the songs that were found is titled “Saddam Hussein is gone, Bob is next.”

He was brought before a disciplinary board that recommended his immediate dismissal.

Last month another police officer was jailed for 10 days after he allegedly used a toilet reserved for President Mugabe.

Police commissioner general Augustine Chihuri and other service chiefs have refused to salute Tsvangirai saying he is a puppet of the West.