The demand for change is steadily moving down Africa, judging from the reception given to Mugabe and other African leaders attending the installation for another term of Ugandan perpetual President Museveni. Their motorcade was assailed by stone-throwing protesters shouting ‘Go to hell dictators’ and ‘You dictators: we are tired of you’. But pictures of Mugabe’s fawning obeisance to Museveni show his desperation to be at the party – any party! – at whatever cost.

For Vigil supporters it was further evidence that Mugabe and ZANU PF hardliners have still not understood that the days of dictators have gone. Their problem is that President Zuma does not agree with them. The chasm between ZANU PF and Zuma was clearly illustrated this week:

1. The ZANU PF Politburo repeated on Wednesday that elections would be held this year without fail.

2. But Zuma’s international relations advisor Lindiwe Zulu said: ‘categorically and totally, Zimbabwe will not have elections in 2011’.

For Mugabe’s sake, the constitution-making process must be concluded early and will have to include the proposal from Chegutu that government critics should be killed. That should solve the problem – especially if the suggestion from Makonde is also included in the new constitution ‘media critical of the government should be banned’.

So much for the Constitutional Outrage Programme…

With Mugabe now committing suicide by defying SADC, the Vigil launched a clearance sale of our ‘Mugabe Must Go’ bangles. Our notice advises customers to ‘Buy now before it’s too late’.

Joke of the week from Bill Watch of 12th May: ‘Tuesday’s sitting was the Senate’s first for six weeks – it has not met since 31st March.  The sitting lasted two hours before the Senate adjourned for another eight weeks’. Crisis – what crisis?

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