Continued discord within the inclusive government, especially on its economic policies, confuses the world.

President Robert Mugabe and his ZANU (PF) party are grudgingly saying they want to grab all European Union companies operating in the country.

The aging Zimbabwean leader says they are doing this in the name of the Indigenisation and empowerment policy.

If ZANU (PF) wants to seize 400 companies owned by the EU, how many black indigenous people will benefit and exactly who are those people that stand to take over functioning businesses?

On the other hand Prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC party are saying the country is a safe investment destination, dismissing Mugabe’s statements as political.

Economic development and Investment promotion Minister Tapiwa Mashakada (MDC) said last month, before the Euro money investment conference aimed at attracting foreign investment in the country, that calls to grab EU companies was a ZANU(PF) position which was never discussed in cabinet.

Mugabe snubbed the investment conference in fear of facing the Europeans whom he last week shouted at.

His abandonment of the conference leaves much to be desired and the people of Zimbabwe are definitely not ignorant – they know Mugabe and his cronies want to again loot foreign-owned wealth.

Such conflicting and contradicting statements coming from people in the same government really confuses us at home and the rest of the world.

Under investment uncertainties investors should not be blamed for taking a wait and see attitude. But who benefits or loses if investors bring their investment in Zimbabwe?

ZANU (PF) politicians should really stop playing with the masses. They should not play politics with people’s lives.