Secret footage of continuous violence and intimidation against MDC supporters in Manicaland and some parts of Zimbabwe will be shown next month, film producers have said.

There have been increasing cases of violence in Manicaland province perpetrated by top Zanu (PF) officials with Nyanga,

Chimanimani and Buhera being the hardest hit areas. In an interview with The Zimbabwean last week the director of the film, who requested anonymity for fear of victimization, said: “We have been shooting footage of the harassment of the MDC supporters and we want to show the whole world the true picture of what is happening in the country particularly the recent Nyanga, Buhera and Chimanimani violence. It is horrible.

“We will show evidence of how Mugabe’s regime has been harassing MDC-T supporters and how the police and judiciary system have been inept. We have harrowing images of how the supporters were beaten. We will also include how they destroyed everything owned by the white farmers and how they looted their property as well. I cannot divulge more information on the film, but it will be out very soon,” he said.

In Nyanga North former army Colonel Hubert Nyanhongo is masterminding violence with the help of overzealous Zanu (PF) militia and war veterans who want to wrestle the parliamentary seat from Douglas Mwonzora of MDC-T. In Chimanimani West and East constituencies Zanu (PF)’s Munacho Mutezo, Monica Mutsvangwa, Janet Knight and Samuel Udenge are wreaking havoc on MDC-T supporters.

In Buhera, Joseph Chinotimba, Wiliam Mutomba and Morgan Mzilikazi a notorious army Colonel are masterminding terror assaults and intimidation on MDC-T supporters. The Buhera violence is worsened by the fact that it is the home area of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai who has given President Robert Mugabe political headaches, after he (Tsvangirai) beat Mugabe in the Presidential election in March 2008.

Of late CIO operatives have been seen moving around the area monitoring MDC-T’s election campaign activities. Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai recently said the fresh spate of land seizures and threats on commercial white farmers were caused by “wild behaviour” and motivated by theft.

“Such actions must be condemned and Zimbabweans must decide what type of society they want to live in. Greed is driving the elements of resistance to invade productive land,” said Prime Minister Tsvangirai. He added: “Unless you are motivated by theft, how do you go in the middle of the agricultural season to start replacing farmers and disrupting their operations? At the end of the day you might think that you are disrupting a farmer, but you are actually disrupting the capacity of the country to earn the much required income.”