A fully packed Mathangwane Kgotla came to a standstill last week when an elderly man, Uwe Hubona, pointed an accusing finger at the President Ian Khama and his government for unlawfully usurping his grandfather’s land.

While other village elders stood up to raise their concerns, ask questions and compliment the President Hubona took a different line. While the villagers listened attentively he confronted the President and accused him of taking his grandfather’s land; he wanted to be compensated.

“You, President of Botswana, Paramount Chief of Bangwato, you are a cheater and a populist who is criticizes Robert Mugabe’s leadership while you do the same.

“Just like Mugabe who took the land from white people, you took Mafungo land and gave it to Marobela people; so I regard you just like President Mugabe,” lamented the old man.

According to Hubona his grandfather, Hubona Nshakashogwe, was compensated with land in 1960 after he was assaulted by a group of men sent by Kgosi Khama the third.

“When my grandfather died, since that land was for the Hubona family, we built a village and selected our elder brother, Omphile Hubona, to lead it, but we were surprised when the government brought Marobela people to establish a village here,” he complained.

The old man told the President that the Hubona family was supposed to be appointed chiefs of the village, which has now changed its name to Mafungo-Hubona.

“This is a great injustice because the government has nationalized our land without consulting us and appointed Tendani Manyika as chief.

“So if one of the Hubona family is not appointed chief, we want to be compensated,” charged Hubona.