The MDC dismisses as malicious and unfounded State media reports that President Morgan Tsvangirai was yesterday set to address MDC youths and rank Marshalls at the Harare City Council’s Town House resulting in the police sealing off the place.

Fictitious news items published by The Herald and broadcast by the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation last night and today are a clear reflection of Zanu PF’s desperation to distance itself from its lawless elements, who taking advantage of police partisanship, to cause mayhem in Harare’s high density suburbs and at the city council’s Town House offices almost on a daily basis.

If the role of the media in a civilised society requires that they provide a first draft of a nation’s history, then the audacity and insincerity of the State media to openly manufacture falsehoods in a forlorn attempt to defame President Tsvangirai and to smear the MDC shows their dismal failure to serve the nation.

The State media sector has scaled heights in believing in their own and Zanu PF lies. For the record, President Tsvangirai, as per schedule, spent his time at work at the party’s headquarters, Harvest House, and never planned to visit and meet with anyone.

Business came to a halt at the Town House and surrounding areas yesterday because Zanu PF youths, visible in their Zanu PF T-shirts, besieged Town House for unexplained reasons.  Instead of being charged for disrupting the council’s legitimate business, the police assigned a riot unit to simply block them from entering the premises. No arrests were made even when it was clear that a crime was committed in the full view of the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

The Herald and ZBC refused to see Zanu PF hoodlums for who they were. Instead, they hatched a poor media spin and blamed President Tsvangirai and the MDC for the actions of thugs from the former ruling party’s stable. From experience, Zimbabweans know that if the MDC youths had assembled at Town House or anywhere in Zimbabwe without express authority, riot police would have descended onto them with lightning speed, beat them to the pulp and driven them into police cells. There is no way that President Tsvangirai or the MDC will abuse council offices which are under the control of the party to meet rank marshals.  For many years, that kind of behaviour has been associated with Zanu PF.

The MDC is a Party of Excellence and will never engage in any form of violence. However, no amount of The Herald’s propaganda will camouflage the drama that took place at the Town House yesterday and last month as it happened before hundreds of Harare residents and council workers. Further, it is not a secret that Zanu PF has never denied its involvement in these disruptive activities.

The MDC restates its position that the doomsday cults and authors of disorder in Zanu PF will not stop the national project of bringing real change to the people of Zimbabwe.


Addendum: By inserting the letter ‘r’ into the last word of the headline, we would be further able to comprehend the result of the manufactured stories by The Herald and the national radio and television broadcaster.