The British government has rebuffed President Robert Mugabe’s appeal for high level secret talks with the new British Prime Minister David Cameron, insisting that they would not undercut their EU partners on respect for human rights and rule of law, The Zimbabwe Mail can reveal.

We can also reveal that Robert Mugabe has been banging on a “Fresh Start” with the British government since the formation of the Tories-Lib Dems coalition government, but he has been rebuffed and told that the British government respects the EU policy on Zimbabwe.

Mugabe has also been told to respect his coalition partners and in the face of this rejection, this week, his State propaganda machine has raised the anti-British headlines since the formation of the British coalition.

This week, the State media under special instructions from former Information and Publicity Minister and political scientist Professor Jonathan Moyo, who is now playing a leading consultancy role of special advisor to Robert Mugabe’s favoured successor Emmerson Mnangagwa, concocted a story that the British and American governments are structuring a financial plan to back MDC-T’s election campaign next year and party leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai — who it said is also getting “expert advice” from a British intelligence operative.

A source in the Zimbabwe State intelligence has told our reporter this morning that, under special instructions, the State propaganda was conducting a paranoid reaction to a rejection by the British government to a Robert Mugabe’s high level approach for the normalisation of relations.

The propaganda goes on to say: “Apart from that, Mr Tsvangirai is understood to have engaged the services of British intelligence operative Mr Charles Heatly (or variously called Charles Beatle), who is said to be presently based in Harare and is helping with speech writing among other activities.

This is supposed to be a British Intelligence operative writing “Shona and Ndebele” speeches for Tsvangirai to use at rallies in the country side – this is laughing matter isn’t it!

“While MDC-T has claimed that Mr Tsvangirai’s visit was for State business, it has emerged that Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to France, Mr David Hamadziripi, was barred from the meeting.”: the propaganda is carried through.

So, if Mr Hamadziripi and every member of staff was barred from the meeting, which other source informed the Zanu PF source then?

We are also told in the propaganda: “Present in the meeting was Mr Tsvangirai, party spokesperson Mr Nelson Chamisa and Mr Jameson Timba, who is the Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office.”

“Ambassador Hamadziripi and embassy staff were not allowed into the meeting.” So, who has become the source?

“He (Tsvangirai) used the trip to France to hold meetings with individuals who promised him backing.”

“The Americans could not understand why Tsvangirai was scared of an election because the party and its backers have fed them the myth that Zanu-PF is finished.

“Thomas Edmonds introduced Tsvangirai to Brad O’Leary, a prominent pollster in the US. O’Leary promised to mobilise funding to finance MDC-T’s election campaign next year.”

Then the author of this childish propaganda quotes himself saying – “Political analyst and Tsholotsho North legislator Professor Jonathan Moyo said: “Tsvangirai has been a recipient of a chain of dubious awards from Western organisations.

“What seems to be common about the so-called democracy awards is that they are all coming from regime change outfits.

“They allege that he is a champion of democracy yet facts on the ground show that he cannot be anywhere close to what they say about him.

“The whole issue here is about regime change and the US props up figures who posture as recognised international statesmen. They reward these people with dubious awards while claiming that they are championing democracy.”

For years, since the opposition gave him a rude awakening, Mugabe banked on the Tories regaining power in Britain, hoping that would help him normalise relations between his terrorist Zanu PF movement and the British government and the rest of the Western World.

He has tried to blame the British Labour party for his woes leading to the fall-out with the British government and in his mind, he has this old school Tories party run by ruthless conservative British businessmen who would seek mining rights, no matter the political situation, in exchange of political lobbying, but unfortunate for him the Tories party has transformed over the years and there is the new fresh faces not linked to the likes of the late Tiny Rowland.

Last week Robert Mugabe sent a delegation to the United Kingdom led by his Tourism Minister Walter Mzembi under the guise of “charm offensive”, a word repeatedly used at

Mzembi attended a panel of discussion at an international affairs think-tank alongside the UK’s Foreign Minister for Africa, Henry Bellingham, and the UK’s Zimbabwe Ambassador Mark Canning.

The youthful Zanu PF Minister who has escaped travel bans imposed by the West on Robert Mugabe’s mob, even went to town inferring that there was now a new thinking in Britain’s Zimbabwe policy following the fall of New Labour in this year’s UK elections which ushered in the Conservatives-Liberal Democrats coalition government.

“It is not just me who noticed a difference; even the Chinese government noticed a difference in Prime Minister David Cameron’s approach, which is more constructive, very refreshing and contemporary. I have no doubt in my mind that they find a generational connection with some of us and we must leverage that to advance our own interests,” Mzembi added.

In reaction to Mzembi’s over the top praise singing, a Senior British officials who attended the event called on Robert Mugabe to comply with the rule of law and human right. He also said Mugabe must comply with global diamond trade rules, and also told poor old Mzembi, point blank that Zimbabwe government must stop the smuggling of controversial diamonds from Marange fields.

“I would urge the Zimbabwe government to do all it possibly can to become compliant with Kimberley Process and that will mean that we will get much more money coming into the Zimbabwe Exchequer,” said Britain’s Africa Minister Henry Bellingham, in comments cited by Reuters.

He said the Marange diamond were funding “hardliners” when they should be benefitting the people of Zimbabwe.

The Britain’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mark Canning also weighed in and said most high-quality diamonds from Marange were “going out of the back door,” or being smuggled out of the country.

“The composition of Marange diamonds is very distinct… If you tip a pot of them on the table… you don’t see many of the top 14 percent on the table,” he said.

By the time Mzembi tried to deliver his dear leader’s message in privacy for a possible resumption of relations with the British government, it was already a toll order and the attempt did not yield any ground as each time he was referred to human rights and rule of law and corruption.

The British officials also insisted that any discussions should be on the basis of the Zimbabwe-UK coalition governments and not on party-to-party grounds.

Overall, the highly publicised Mzembi’s UK trip which was hyped by as “Charm offensive” in an article written by hired UK based former editor of Ibbo Mandaza’s Daily Mirror, was a dump squib, only generating childish reactions from the State media, throwing all toys out of the pram with propaganda accusations of the MDC-T link to the supposed British intelligence agency writing shona speeches for Tsvangirai.

Robert Mugabe cannot – “never ever ever ever” (to borrow from his Godly declarations) – hold an election without attacking the British and the United States, and so the change of government in the United Kingdom was going to be a lot tricky for him in the next general elections and so to pre-empt that tried and tested strategy, Mugabe-attack on the Brits and the US – normal relations have resumed – Brrrrrrrritain.

It’s election time Robert Mugabe invests a lot in propaganda, trumped up assassination attempts on his life and we’re now being told he is suddenly Ndebele and some weird and suspicious reports from Western Capitals giving raving views on a failed land reform.