A married Zimbabwean father who repeatedly hit his lover with a wire flex when he hypocritically accused her of having an affair has been jailed for 15 months.

Fredson Nkomo was unreceptive to a domestic violence course and was told by a judge his “entrenched views” could not be changed by a community order.

Nkomo was married with two children when he embarked on his affair with a woman in Darlington, Teesside Crown Court heard.

Four months into the fling, he became jealous and suspicious when his mistress altered her Facebook account.

After turning up at her flat, the 42-year-old former restaurant manager pushed his mistress onto her bed and whipped her back, legs, arms and torso.

A month after the attack, in April, his mistress wrote to police saying she did not want her lover prosecuted.

She wrote: “Although he was married to somebody else, our culture allows for a man to wed more than one woman. I would marry him if he asked me.”

The court heard Nkomo seemed to tell probation officials that such savage attacks were common in his homeland of Zimbabwe.

Rachel Dyson, in mitigation, said Nkomo’s views may have been lost in translation and that he realises what he did was, in his words, “not right”.

She said: “He appreciates now that his wife is an amazing woman, to be here with him at court today and to support him and his only focus now is to rebuild that relationship.”

Nkomo admitted assault causing actual bodily harm.

Judge Les Spittle told Nkomo, of Kildale Moor Place, Darlington: “These blows were clearly sustained, extensive and of sufficient force to go through the skin.

“I cannot and do not understand the subsequent attitude, but that is a matter for her. She says she has forgiven you and would like to have a relationship with you. I am sure your wife would have something to say about that.”