A novel by Zimbabwean author Petina Gappah has been nominated for the prestigious annual Orwell Prize awarded to the best writers of political books, APA learnt here Monday.

Gappah’s book, titled An Elegy for Easterly, is among six novels short-listed for the British award for political writing.

The book chronicles the resilience and inventiveness of Zimbabweans who struggle to survive under the weight of economic hardships and persecution under Robert Mugabe’s regime.

Also nominated is Scottish author Andrea Gilles for her book, The Keeper, and British journalist Christopher de Bellaigue who wrote the novel, Rebel Land : Among Turkey’s Forgotten Peoples.

Others on the shortlist are British writers John Kampfner, Kenan Malik and Michela Wrong for their books Freedom For Sale : How We Made Money and Lost Our Liberty, From Fatwa to Jihad : The Rushdie Affair and Its Legacy, and It’s Our Turn To Eat : The Story of a Kenyan Whistle Blower, respectively.

The winners of the £3,000 prize in each of three categories ; books, blogging and journalism, will be announced on 19 May.

The Orwell Prize is awarded to journalists and authors who take political writing beyond just mundane analyses and opinions and into the realm of an art form.