ZNU 125 is released this morning. (Believe it or not, Odeo rejected the file as ‘invalid’ – go figure – and 4shared has just disappeared off the internet – so that leaves just Switchpod, which last week and the week before, gave me hell…)

One out of three is better than nothing, I s’pose…

In this show, I take a brief look at the email I received attacking my internet activities, the penchant of Mugabe’s to remove anything he can from the people – in this case, satellite dishes – whilst I also look at Mugabe’s threat to take his forces back to a war footing if he loses the election, in the light of another group of people stating that THEY will utilise whatever means it can to establish democracy.

I also look at the impounding of Tsvangirai’s buses and the arrest of MDC Secretary-General, Tendai Biti, for treason… And a look at the terror gripping the country at the hands of ZANU PF activists, and a brief look at the call to arms by Elliot Manyika – himself a ZANU PF MP, but the call is heeded by the militia – but not reacted to by the ZRP.

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