I am cheating – but it has been a long day, and I don’t want to leave this page without something new at the very least.

I wrote the same on my blog page… (Whispers: “Sorry!”)

I have lived in the UK for just shy of 9 years – and sadly, I can report to you that the weather here is horrible. I have told people that I would really enjoy being a weatherman here. I wouldn’t go to the office, but would rather phone in each morning and say’ “It’s going to be cold and wet!”

If I am wrong, which won’t be very often, who’s going to complain?

That being said, I had occassion twice this week to turn my trusty camera skywards. The original intention was to check the weather as I hoped to take some snaps of the meteor shower, but the cloud cover was low – very low.

In the very early evening (remember that the sun sets after 8 in the evening at this time of year), I saw that the cloud cover was double layered. The bottom layer was bubbling and boiling nicely, and then there was a hole in the layer through which I could see the sun drenched layer above…

And then, 48 hours later – in a total about turn, we were treated to this by way of a sunset last night…

As I said to a dear from in Harare by email, whilst Mother Nature has a serious knack of turning out the most awesome colour/light shows for us, the scenes here will never be a spot on the electrical storms of Africa…

(Note: If you click on any of the thumbnails above, it will take you to the picture viewer on Mukuru – just so you know…)

Take care.