You know, not everything about Zimbabwe is sadness, gloom and worry. I was watching something on television last night which reminded me of this incident and it typifies the humour which the Zimbabwean people have in abundance…

It must have been around about 1996, and I was playing lawn bowls for Borrowdale Country Club in Harare – as I was serving a one year suspension from another Harare club – for belting another bowler who was begging for it – and I was playing in the nationals in Harare, representing the club in the foursomes, playing second.

We had been playing in the morning at Old Hararians and had a bye in the afternoon. Our skip, a large man, known affectionately as “Tiny”, decided that he was going to take the team to his favourite watering hole at Reps Theatre just off Second Street Extension.

So, there we were, five individuals (our reserve player was with us), all dressed in white from head to toe, sauntering into the bar.

There was a lady at the bar who was obviously a little worse for wear. She looked up and took in the picture of being invaded by men in white.

“Oh!” she exclaimed. “Is this the Zimbabwean cricket team?” she asked.

“Ja,” said Tiny. “These are the bowlers!”